Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety has been a top priority for me since I was elected. Since then, I'm happy to say we've installed flashing crosswalks for the first time across the city, at Harkness St. on MBB and throughout the Downtown and North End. They've proven successful in getting people's attention and getting them to stop at our crosswalks. I want to install even more, especially near our schools and community centers. I also voted to install new "scramble" crosswalks downtown, which stops traffic in all directions while pedestrians can go straight across or diagonally across the street. They also stop pedestrians in all directions for cars, which allow better traffic flow as one car turning right doesn't have to stop for pedestrians and hold up the cars behind them. 

I've also supported increased enforcement at our crosswalks and hired more crossing guards to keep our children safe while going to and from school. 

There's still more to do, and pedestrian safety will remain a top priority for me!