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Parole Consultation  $950

One of the most important steps for parole success is an honest evaluation of an inmate's record. A parole consultation includes a comprehensive review of the inmate's file, including their criminal record, discipline record, programming, chronos, past hearing results (if any), comprehensive risk assessements, education upgrades, vocation upgrades, and other factors that the Board will evaluate to determine suitability for parole. Inmate files are typically more than a thousand pages long.


Steve will then meet with the inmate to go over the results and discuss the inmate's strengths and weaknesses and how to improve their chances for success. Consultations can be done at any time, but it's best to do them months, if not years in advance of their hearing, or after a denial to improve their chances at their next hearing.

Parole Hearing  $4,500

Parole hearing services include the all the services provided for parole consultations, plus much more: a minimum of three meetings with the inmate to help them prepare themselves and their documents for their parole hearing and representing the inmate at their parole hearing. Also included is a review of the inmate's Americans With Disabilities status, recording any accommodations needed for their hearing, and drafting any pre-hearing filings that need to be made. Steve will represent the inmate at their hearing, protect the inmate's rights and advocate for their release. Steve will help prepare the inmate for their closing statement and how to deal with representatives from the District Attorney's office and/or statements from the victims or their family members. 

En Banc & Recission Hearings 

Sometimes hearings will end in a tie between the Board Commissioners or a grant will be sent to the full Board by the Governor for review. This is called an En Banc review. At these hearings, testimony is limited to 2 minutes a person, so it's important for an inmate to submit a written response and address any issues or concerns. This is best done by an attorney after review of the record and talking to the inmate. Price is negotiable.


The Board itself can call for a recission hearing if new information or a serious discipline issue comes up after a release date is granted and before the inmate is actually released. This can be a more involved hearing that may include calling witnesses and a further review of documents. Having an attorney is critical to protect an inmate's rights, examine any witnesses or documents, and advocate for the inmate's release. Price is negotiable.

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